You are Never Too Old to Learn How to Play the Guitar

One of the greatest guitar players of all times, the late Jimi Hendrix, once said: “Sometimes you want to give up the guitar, you’ll hate the guitar. But if you stick with it, you’re gonna be rewarded.” Contrary to what may be popular belief, you are never too old to learn to play the guitar. In fact, an increasing number of older Americans are dedicating their time to learn a new musical instrument, and with great success. Not only does learning to play the guitar help keep your mind sharp and your finger nimble, but it will also allow you to acquire a skill that will have you play beautiful music to family and friends. If you are concerned that you may be too old to pick up a guitar for the first time, you need to will be glad to hear that there are many reasons, such as those to follow, that make it ideal to learn a new instrument at a riper age.

You have your finances all figured out

While you may not be stinking rich, chances are your finances are a lot more stable now that what they were when you were fresh out of college. If you are learning to play the guitar as an older student, chances are you will be able to buy the quality gear youngsters can only dream of. Being in complete command of your finances enables you to choose how much money you spend on what.  If you are financially well-off there is no limit to the guitar you buy and the tuition you sign up for. Even if you have to learn to play guitar on a budget there is no reason for despair as an entry-level instrument will do the job at hand just as well as any more-expensive one will.

Your time management skills have improved with age

When we are young, time management skills often leave a lot to be desired. Regardless of how well we try to plan the day ahead, we simply never seem to have time to do things we really want, such as learn to play the guitar. If you are fortunate enough to enjoy early retirement you may find yourself with extra time and some money at your disposal to dedicate to your new hobby. When you no longer have to juggle a demanding career with a busy family life you will find it a lot easier to do something for yourself that might previously have made you feel selfish.  Even if you are still working and have a challenging schedule, the countless years of perfecting your time management skills will ensure that you find a way to fit your guitar lessons and practise sessions into your schedule.

You are a lot more disciplined than you were 30 years ago

As we grow older we tend to become more disciplined which is great news if you want to learn to play the guitar.  As much as you might want to think you can learn to play the guitar like Carlos Santana or Eric Clapton in just a couple of weeks, the chances of it actually happening is zero. Instead, you will have to be willing to practice for countless hours just to become remotely good. Without ample self-discipline you will, more than likely, give up before you have given yourself enough time to acquire any real skills. Be patient with yourself, don’t skip and practices, and remember that you can achieve just about anything you put your mind to, including learning to play the guitar.

Learning to play the guitar is a wonderful gift you can bestow upon yourself. You may not end up being the next Bruce Springsteen or Jeff Beck but you will definitely have a great time strumming along to your favorite songs.

(Guest post from Jess Walter)

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