NAMM 2011: Oscar Jordan’s Guitar Trippin’ Walkabout!

Photos by Oscar Jordan

Glimpse on the 2011 NAMM Convention Floor!

Frank Gambale with Carvin’s new Frank Gambale FG1 Guitar!

Rainbow ChickI found my new look!

Booth babes! Booth babes! Booth babes!

Great Wall of Marshall Amplifiers!

Cool assortment of Steelcaster Guitars built by James Trussart.

Lennon, Harrison, Petty… I’m diggin’ them Rickenbacker guitars!

ZAPPED! Dweezil Zappa at the PRS booth.

Paul Reed Smith Guitars… which one is your cup of tea?

Getting our Egnator Amplification on.

Eric Gales gettin’ down at NAMM 2011!

Evil Robot Amps!

Our NAMM cam secretly spotted the great bassist Marcus Miller!

The new Gibson Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess!

Holy Purple Haze Batman! It’s a Jimi Hendrix Impersonator!

ESP Guitars on display at 2011 NAMM.

A couple more killer ESP guitars!

L-Dug Pinnick  and R-Ty Tabor of Kings X!

Your feet must be tired, because you’ve been running through my mind all day long!

Okay, now my feet are tired too. Let’s take a break and try again tomorrow!

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