Transforming Your Live Shows by Merging Art & Music

There is no denying that, although the US music industry is booming, it is also oversaturated with countless artists trying to establish themselves in a cut-throat field.  Setting yourself apart from other musicians in a country where consumers spent in excess of $8.72 billion on music in 2017 is pivotal. There are a number of ways you can stand out from the competition such as collaborating with other artists, releasing singular tracks that reflect current trending events (think GDPR, gun control etc) or to find a unique and captivating angle to use in your live performances. If you want to guarantee an increase of feet at your shows and have people talk about them for weeks after you can employ a very creative and effective tactic: merging music and art.

Why merge music and art?

Combining music and visual art can add an entirely new element to your performances, creating significant hype around your brand.  Amalgamating mediums can be very beneficial to a musician as it can bring various audiences together, creating a whole new fan base. Your current fans will be enthralled by the new sensory experience, triggering a significant amount of word-of-mouth publicity for you that can result in an increase in show attendance as well as boosted album and merchandise sales.

How can I integrate art into my live performances?

The methods you use to incorporate art into your shows are limited only by your creativity. The following guidelines will, however, give you an idea of how to go about creating a spectacular live performance painlessly.

The simplest way to incorporate art into your show is to have pertinent pieces on display while you perform. Renowned artists such as Iggy Pop have a history of sharing the stage with a display of art by a respected artist. If you have personal connections to an artist you can commission specific pieces that are either inspired by your music or simply matches the general mood of your music. Alternatively, end a few of your tracks to a local artist enquiring whether they have any pieces available for display that will complement your show.

Have an artist paint or draw while you perform

If you really want to take your performance to the next level enlist the aid of an artist that can create artwork during your live performance. Whether you find someone that has a talent for drawing or a painter with a knack for capturing sound, a live audio-visual performance is sure to blow the minds of your fans. Brian Gore who is known as the ‘poet of guitar’ once joined forces with illustrator Bill Russell (who is also a personal friend) to create a music and art amalgamation depicting the California coast. Fans got in on the action by deciding, via an online vote, what would be painted live, on an iPad, during the finale. It was a brilliant concept to embrace and one that earned Gore a lot of praise.

There are certain things in life that were designed to go together such as milk and cookies or, in this instance, music and art. Bringing the two together during a live performance will undoubtedly boost your appeal, earning you the respect of your peers and the adoration of old and new fans alike.

Written by special contributor – Jess Walker

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