Touring With Your Guitar? Here’s How You Can Keep It Safe

When you go on tour, you will learn how to travel light. This means that you won’t have any problem taking just the bare minimum. Still, when it comes to your guitar, it is an entirely different story. This instrument is responsible for putting money in your pocket and thus, must be taken everywhere.

Of course, this can often be easier said than done, especially when considering your mode of travel. Despite there being a lot of guitar-related informationout there, people don’t always know how to tour with their instruments. So, to make this process a little simpler, here are the best tips to follow to keep it in one piece:

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Know the Rules for Flying

Flying can be a nightmare for any guitarist. You are probably well-versed in the fight to get your instrument onboard. Many a musician has been forced to send their guitar in as checked luggage and found it either damaged or stolen at the end of the flight. Now, although you may not be aware of it, there are laws protectingyou and your instrument. For instance, the TSA lets you take your guitar onto the plane with you, as long as they have checked it properly.

That being said, you may face pushback from the airline itself. This is why you should check the airline policies regarding transporting guitars as hand luggage. Make sure to get a letter and carry this with you, as you check in and board your flight.

Keep It Protected

You probably already have a good quality case for your guitar and this is a good start. The next thing to focus on is actually packing the guitar. See, while the case will protect the instrument from external damage, there is still a chance that your guitar can get banged up within the case. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, you need to check that there is no wiggle room inside the case. So wad up newspaper and bubble wrap, inside, at least for a little while.

Pay Attention to the Weather

Most musicians tend to tour during the summer, which is why you should always keep an eye on the climate. Specifically, be aware of the humidity levels. As you know, high levels of humidity can wreak havoc with your guitar. This is why you should always put de-humidification packets into your guitar case. If you don’t mind taking extra precautions, try placing a hygrometer inside the case – it measures the humidity in small spaces.

Keep Your Guitar With You

After a while, even the lightest guitar can become a pain to lug around. However, you should never leave it in a vehicle, particularly if it is a warm day. If you do want to keep your instrument in a separate room, make sure to store it away from direct sunlight and in a dry, cool space. Also, try to take a stand around with you so that you can keep yourguitar propped up at all times.

These are the best ways to make sure that your guitar remains in great condition both during and after the tour. Therefore, try to follow each guideline mentioned here.

(Guest post from Natalie Landecker from the Guitar Pal.)  


Author Bio:

Natalie grew up in a household filled with music and so, she naturally picked up the guitar at a very young age. She is always eager to learn more about guitars and music, doing as much research as she can. Natalie is also happy to share anything that she finds with like-minded music lovers.

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