Tips For Safe Storage Of Your Guitar At Home

There are countless reasons why guitars will need storing (, from moving home to recovering from an injury. While wall mounts are a good way to store your guitar if you’re playing it regularly, they’re not the best choice for long-term storage, even if it’s only a few months. Humidity levels need to be controlled to protect your guitar and a good case can prevent scratches and breaks.

Preparing your guitar for storage

For long term storage, guitars are best stored in their cases. They should also be stood upright, not laying down flat, but if you don’t have the space for keeping them upright then laying them on their side with the upper side pointing up is the next best option. Bear in mind that they need to be safe from falls or knocks when stored upright as a fall could result in damage, even in a good quality case. You should also loosen the strings one or two half steps to take some of the tension off the neck of the guitar as it isn’t needed when it’s not being played. However, it is important to keep some tension on the neck to prevent bowing problems. Make sure your guitar is thoroughly cleaned before putting it in its case for storage so there’s no chance of bacteria growing on it or anything inside the case scratching it.

Get humidity levels under control

Guitars like to live at humidity levels of 30-60% (, which is good because it’s the same as recommendations for people’s homes. Improper humidity levels can lead to swelling, cracking, warping, and sinking of your guitar, as well as damp problems. Be aware that places like basements, garages, and attics can be prone to high humidity, so these aren’t ideal places to store your guitar as they are most likely to lead to mold growth and damp problems. You may need a dehumidifier to help control moisture levels in your home, but certain plants are also great for controlling humidity. Keeping a peace lily, reed palm, or Boston fern in the same room as your guitar can help to prevent mold growth (

Choosing the right case for storage

A gig case is the very least you should store your guitar in as it will offer some protection, such as from scratches, but it’s not the best option, especially for long-term storage. A hard case should protect your guitar against most knocks and bangs that it could come across, but there’s still no guarantee. A flight case is your last option and is reinforced, strong, and has secure clasps that are unlikely to come undone by accident. However, they’re not cheap and can be bulky, but if you’ve got an expensive guitar or plan to travel anyway, then they’re definitely worth the investment.

Whether your guitar cost a fortune or it’s just priceless to you, all guitars deserve proper storage to ensure they don’t get damaged and can be played for years to come.

(Another Post to the ShareMyGuitar Blog from Jess Walter)

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