Tips and Tricks to Rock Your Next Live Performance

Look the part of a guitar-playing star by the time you take to the stage…

Tips and Tricks to Rock Your Next Live Performance

Making it as a musician in the USA is not an easy feat as the United States boasts one of the most competitive music industries in the world. As a form of art and cultural activity music is a major part of the daily lives of most Americans.  As a business sector, the music industry was estimated to have generated in the region of $17.2 billion in 2016. The demand for music consumption has created a billion-dollar global industry which encompasses music production and distribution as well as live shows and other music-related activities.

When it comes to organizing and playing a live show, a lot needs to be considered.  While many solo artists and bands make use of managers and booking agents to organize their events you can save money and do it yourself by investing in reputable software designed for event management.  By cutting out the middleman you can organize a tailor-made event that you know your fans will love.  A few guidelines will enable you to look the part of a guitar-playing star by the time you take to the stage for your next live performance.

What about the basics?

Before you can look cool on stage you need to get some of the basics down first.  You firstly need to get familiar with your guitar in every conceivable way possible.  Get used to playing it sitting down, standing up, walking around with it and even jumping up and down.  When you play your solo,  attempt to move to the edge of the stage, especially when you are playing important riffs.  Don’t worry about the lead singer if you are in a band, he will have plenty of opportunities to shine. If you are a solo artist it is a great tactic to have your guitar skills noticed as much as your vocal talents.

Move a few inches away from the mic (unless you are singing or adjusting your effects) and try to avoid tap-dancing on your pedal board. Interact with the audience, go jam with the bassist or drummer or, if you are a solo artist, just move along to the beats.  Get used to expressing your love for what you do with your body. You don’t need to jive your way around the entire stage but taking cues from the likes of Eric Clapton and Carlos Santana wouldn’t hurt you either.

Find a good height for your guitar strap

Renowned guitarists like Jimmy Page choose to have really long guitar straps, opting to wear their guitar well below their belt line. While this can look really cool it can be uncomfortable to pull off.  Many guitarists find it difficult to play technical parts on a low-slung guitar but it will be worth your while to experiment with it regardless.  You don’t have to play on a low-slung guitar simply because Slash is able to pull it off. Find a height that feels right for you. Many players sacrifice comfort for looks and vice versa but it remains nothing but a personal choice.

Match your guitar with your on-stage outfit

If you are employed in the corporate world and wear a suit every day, a basic rule states that your shoes must match your belt. There are no such definitive rules when it comes to stage attire but with a bit of research and a solid awareness of your own identity, it should not be too hard to get right.  If you have a great-looking guitar you don’t need much more than a pair of jeans and a t-shirt to look good on stage although a splash of colour could be equally as appealing. The most important thing to remember is that your stage attire needs to compliment your music style. If you are a classical guitarist it will not sit well with your fans if you are dressed in full black donning goth makeup.

While the above tips will help you to look good on stage you need to remember that you need to sound good as well. Don’t spend all your time planning your stage moves and attire and neglect practicing your riffs and chords. Find a balance between everything you would like to work on and find the time in your schedule to get all the important things done. If you can pull off both looking and sounding great on stage your fans will be happy which in turn will ensure your own success and happiness as well.

Written by special contributor – Jess Walker

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