The Right Guitar Gear for the Band

Photo by Stephen Poff

The chance to be a guitarist in a band is a dream for many people, both young and old. Guitarists, like any musician, want a place to play and the opportunity to join a band receiving good exposure and regular gigs. Playing in a band can be accomplished on a stage or in a studio, and they each have their advantages. Playing for a studio may make more sense for a guitarist with a family, and depending on the studio, some guitar gear will already be supplied. It is always good to have your own rig and preferred guitar accessories though, just in case.

The style of music played dictates to a large degree how much and what kind of gear the musician is going to need. The basics are a quality electric or acoustic guitar, guitar amp, picks, cables, electric tuners, and some rugged carrying cases to keep everything safe, at least for the guitar.

The definition of quality when it comes to purchasing a guitar to play on stage or in the studio is stringent. While the guitar you play does not have to be the nicest model made by your preferred brand, it should be versatile enough to adjust to a variety of sounds and styles of music, emitting proper volume and tone under the hands of a skilled guitarist.

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