The History and Evolution of Metal – PT. I

With the unfortunate passing of two iconic figures in Heavy Metal this week, Ronnie James Dio & Slipknot bassist Paul Gray, I felt it appropriate to honor their memories by honoring the genre of music they held dear to their hearts! Here is PT. I of my 2 part series… History and Evolution of Metal!


All vibration carries within it a frequency of sound. Some vibrations are inaudible, but many are detectable by the human ear. If you look at the insect and animal world, you see many examples of the living vibration of sound. All people carry their own frequency of vibration, and this frequency resonates throughout our bodies and touches us somewhere deep within. This is why each of us is drawn to a particular sound and style of music, and why what brings satisfaction to one person’s ear may be pure racket to another.


So, with this in mind, let’s think for a moment about what draws many of us to be moved and uplifted by the ferocious and sonic onslaught of Heavy Metal. For many, it’s the release of a frantic energy that we build up inside of us; for others, it’s the raw power and passion behind the music. Metal has often taken a great deal of criticism for its dark and largely misunderstood lyrical content, but, in fact, metal has long been one of the deepest and most spiritually uplifting forms of art and has touched the hearts and minds of millions worldwide.

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