The Country Marriage Inspired Songs

The Country Marriage Inspired Songs


Country artists have been in the news recently for good reasons and bad reasons. Randy Travis, for example, was recently booked for another charge of drunken belligerence and general impropriety. However, certain more pleasant stores can be found in the country scene as well. Not long ago, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert tied the knot. During the ceremony, each performed a song specifically intended for the other. This couple is just one example of two country singers using their music to express their love for one another.
Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert

Two superstars of the country music scene, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert got married approximately one year ago. For their marriage, according to US Weekly Magazine, both Blake and Miranda agreed that they wanted a special ceremony but that they also wanted to break from tradition and expectations.


For the occasion, Blake Shelton wrote and performed his famous song “Let’s Grow Old Together.” Both the song and the wedding were a smash. Miranda Lambert actually reciprocated with a song of her own; she asked a bridesmaid, Ashley Monroe, to help her sing her 2009 hit “Making Plans.” Ashley Monroe is a member of the band Pistol Annies. Many present agree that Ashley Monroe was the perfect complement to Miranda Lambert’s honey-dipped delivery in “Making Plans.” As an added bonus to all involved, country superstar Neal McCoy performed his famous song “No Doubt About It” at the wedding. Both Blake and Miranda were said to be extremely moved by the performance.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s relationship in some ways sprung out of their collaborative tour, the “Spontaneous Combustion” tour, in 1996. The couple were married that same year. Faith Hill was actually engaged to someone else at the outset of the Spontaneous Combustion tour, but by its end she and Tim McGraw had agreed to tie the knot. The couple decided on a small friends- and family-only wedding ceremony in Tim’s old stomping grounds of Louisiana.


Some reports have indicated that the two have not spent more than three days apart since the ceremonies, which is a testament to their undying affection and dedication to one another. Whether that rumor is true or not, what is certain is that the romantic couple collaborated on the wildly popular 1997 duet “It’s Your Love.” This song cemented both individual’s positions as mainstays on the country music scene, while testifying to the passion Tim McGraw had for Faith Hill and that Faith Hill had for Tim McGraw. The song went on to become Tim and Faith’s first top ten Billboard One Hundred hit, spending six weeks at the top of the chart. As an even more impressive testament to their love, Tim and Faith are still married to each other over fifteen years later.

Jessi Colter and Waylon Jennings

This country music power couple tied the knot in Mesa, Arizona. Interestingly, both Jessi Colter and her husband Waylon Jennings collaborated to make the famously successful country album Wanted! The Outlaws, the first country album ever to be number one on the Billboard sales list. On that hit album, Waylon Jennings sung a full-throated collaboration with Willy Nelson entitled “Good Hearted Women.” He actually sang this song about Jessi Colter and went on to perform “Good Hearted Women” throughout his career. While Jessi Colter and Waylon Jennings enjoyed many beautiful years together, their marriage was certainly not an easy one. In fact, it was sometimes fraught with discord and addiction. Waylon actually credits Jessi with helping him recover from cocaine addiction. The two remained married until Waylon’s death in 2002.


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