SMG Explores: Downtown Vintage Guitars, Las Vegas!

Downtown Vintage Guitars offers MUCH more than the average guitar shop!


This week I would like to tell you about the coolest little guitar shop around – Downtown Vintage Guitars in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is NOT your ordinary guitar shop. It doesn’t have hundreds of brand new guitars hanging on the walls. It doesn’t have the multiple departments like your local Guitar Center or other big chains. But it has other things that those big stores do not have…. like VIBE and PERSONALITY!

As soon as you walk thru the door you are greeted and welcomed into the store. Visually, you see both acoustic and electric guitars through out the store. On my most recent visit, I noticed many guitars were autographed as well. DVG has a really nice selection of guitars and their supply is always changing. If you make it to the shop, you’ll also notice amps, comfortable seating, a small stage and even a….bar? Yes, that’s right, a bar! But don’t get crazy. The bar at Downtown Vintage Guitars isn’t open 24/7 like all the other bars in Vegas. Sorry, you can’t drink and (test) drive the guitars. That’s not what it’s about. The bar at Downtown Vintage Guitars is open during events which they have every week, but we’ll get back to that part in a minute!



DVG is the place to go if you’re in the market for a vintage guitar! They also sell custom made guitars and amps. If you need some work done on the gear you own, they can handle it and they can even make the guitar you’re playing sound its very best. They offer guitar repair services and can pretty much fix anything you can think of gear-wise.

DVG is owned by Mark Castillo who is an accomplished luthier and quite good at his work. I played an acoustic Mark built and it was very, very nice. Mark has created a very unique guitar shop. A place with an intimate setting, great atmosphere and vibe! A place where musicians gather….and play!

If you are in the market for a hand made acoustic, Mark and Woz are ready to build your custom guitar to order. Of course they only use the finest tone woods and materials. There are several examples of their work right in the store. They also custom build electric guitars… really nice electric guitars I might add. I have played several of their guitars and they are sweet!



Are you looking for something special? DVG also builds custom amps. But that’s not it, they also do repair work on other guitar related gear like effects pedals. Pretty much anything you need…they can do it. Looking for a vintage guitar? If they don’t have what you’re looking for, they can find it. These guys are great and they do it all.

So….you come into this cool little guitar shop, great atmosphere and vibe. Awesome people, guitars, amps….a small stage and a bar! DVG is located in what is known as the Arts District, in the downtown area of Las Vegas. They often have events and DVG becomes the Downtown Guitar Bar. One of the “urban lounges” found in the Arts District. Alicia is behind the bar at Downtown Guitar Bar, and she is always happy to serve you a cold one! Of course you need to be at least 21 years of age….even Vegas has rules! Fridays and Saturdays they feature local bands. Great for the local music scene here! There is usually no cover charge at these shows. It is a great place with great music…and it’s free?! Can’t beat it!

There’s a local event that happens the first Friday of every month in the Arts District and it is called “First Friday.” Something cool is always going on during “First Friday”at DVG!  On Sunday nights they feature an open-mic acoustic jam. Then on Monday nights they have an open-mic Blues jam. These open-mic nights are awesome, as you never know who might happen to walk through the door to take the stage and blow you away. I have attended a few of these and they are always AWESOME!

I have been visiting guitar stores since the 70’s and I have been to a few in other countries as well. I haven’t ever been to another guitar shop quite like this one before. I know everyone has their favorite place. This is definitely one of mine. I am glad that it is here in my home town of Las Vegas, Nevada! If you come to Vegas I encourage you to come check them out. Maybe bring your axe in for a tune up, or take the stage on an open mic night. Of course you can play one of their guitars too. If you’re in town, let me know….we can all go together! Downtown Vintage Guitars…a very unique guitar shop!  If you are looking for “cool”…. this is where you will find it!

Downtown Vintage Guitars:


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