Shipping A Guitar Takes Extra Care

Photo by by Gérard Farenc

Whether you are a musician on the move or have sold an old guitar on eBay, it is important to know how to ship a guitar properly. These delicate devices need to be properly packed for shipping so that they are not damaged.

For proper shipping of a guitar, it is obviously necessary to pack it properly.

The first and foremost step is to loosen the strings of the guitar by at least one step. While shipping, the strings might experience high tension and this can cause them to snap and cause unnecessary tension on the neck.

The next step is adding proper padding to the guitar in its case. Each section of the guitar’s main body requires a separate amount of padding. The lower portion is usually padded with one layer of bubble wrap or something similar. If you can fit it, I would even say to go for two layers. Rule of thumb here is that if the guitar can move around in its case, it can probably get broken during shipping.

The guitar’s neck is quite delicate and needs to be packed the most carefully. The padding of an electric guitar neck should be very thorough. The materials used for padding can be cotton cloths, folded newspaper, packing peanuts or anything else you see fit. Again, the guitar should not be able to move inside the case.

After packing the guitar neatly and snugly in its case, it is placed inside another cardboard box for shipping which is also filled with packing material. This is important as it prevents the guitar from all the bumps and jerks that it will be exposed to during shipping. In many cases, air bags can also be used, but they do not provide complete protection.

That’s about all there is to it. Make sure your strings are loose and that everything is properly padded. Taking a little extra time will make sure that your guitar makes it to its final destination in one piece. Oh, and get the insurance!


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