Review: Gator Cases G-Slinger Deluxe Double Gig Bag

Gator Cases G-Slinger Deluxe Double Gig Bag allows for storage of two guitars and more!

Wait… I can only take one guitar? AAAHHHH!

I made a decision, and I booked a one-way ticket to Los Angeles. On Continental Airlines, a passenger is allowed two bags under 50 pounds each or suffer extra baggage fees. I allotted one piece of luggage for a guitar because I figured I would also need clothes. As a guitarist for 9 years, I have acquired some pieces of equipment with which I have made a special bond. How could I only choose one?

A big influence in my choice of gear was what would survive the probable abuse from aircraft cargo personnel, but as soon as the idea of choosing only one guitar to take with me occurred, I searched for some kind of compromise. There had to be something, what kind of cruel world would force me to choose only one guitar!

An epiphany occurred while browsing through a local music shop circular; I could use a double guitar case, thus making the decision of what to pack slightly easier. My budget was modest and I knew the plight of heavy hard-shell cases all too well, but I desired similar protection. Combing the Internet, I found a plethora of double guitar bags, but I wanted one that could withstand the hardship of flying commercially. I researched for a bit and decided that Gator Cases met my demand. Not having much experience with their products, I felt as though I was rolling the dice.

I purchased a used Gator Cases G-Slinger Deluxe Double Guitar Bag off of eBay and upon arrival, I inspected it thoroughly. It had everything I could have wanted and for only $60, shipping included! It came equipped with heavy-duty zippers, a thick waist support belt, a place to stash a pedal or two, cables, a tuner and some books. Have you ever touched Tempur-Pedic® material, you know that spongy comfy material?! Well something very similar to that stuff sat between my guitars to insure a secure fit.

Gator Cases G-Slinger Deluxe Double Electric Guitar Bag:

  • Wide heavy zippers
  • Thick padding between axes
  • Heavy Duty shoulder and waist belt with padding
  • 2 pedal sized pockets and a regular pocket for books, etc.

Does it pass the test?

First, I packed my black Greg Bennett designed UM1 Samick Ultramatic in the front compartment and my Jackson DKMG Dinky electric with EMGs and a Floyd Rose in the other and hoped for the best. At the Continental Airlines check-in counter, I didn’t specify any special treatment and actually forgot to slap a fragile sticker on the case, a less than wonderful start, but a perfect scenario for reviewing how tough this case is.

I didn’t see my guitar again until I landed in Los Angeles, and I had a connection flight, which meant that my gear was taking double the abuse. I hovered over the baggage claim like a hawk to minimize the likelihood of some opportunistic musician picking up the case and walking off with it. After waiting what seemed like an eternity, I noticed my Gator Case was behind the normal baggage claim as it was not regulation size. There it was, just sitting on the ground.

When I arrived at my new pad, the first thing I did was inspect the case itself, which had numerous little nicks in the leather. Next, I took a long hard look at the necks of each instrument knowing that it is the weakest part of a guitar and found no flaws or unnatural bends. The guitars themselves had no dings or scratches that were not there before. I took a deep breath and acknowledged that this case kept my guitars safe under duress.

Gator Cases G-Slinger Deluxe Double Guitar Bag is a good buy and I would trust the company again. Even their used equipment is still of great quality. Considering that other online musical instrument shops charge anywhere from $64 to $84 for the same exact product, I think I got pretty lucky to pay $60 for a road worthy double case. Now I’m off to find a pedal board!

Pros: Thick padding and heavy zippers for securing your guitars. The belt keeps the weight evenly distributed and comfortable. 2 pedal pockets, 1 large book pocket, and you can even even keep picks in a small stash pocket on the belt. Very durable and I got it for a steal!

Cons: Having an extra 45 pounds in guitars and equipment on your back is not the greatest feeling but if you’re dead set on a double guitar bag, this one is it!

Mike Kolbenson is a staff writer at SMG. Mike is a recent graduate from Purchase College, SUNY and absolutely in love with all things guitar. Email:

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