Q&A with ‘Six-String Siren’ Diana Rein

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How did you hook up with J Rockett Audio?

DR:  I was in the midst of recording my album Long Road when my boost pedal just broke down on me. It wasn’t a great quality boost and I had problems with it from the start. So I thought this was a good opportunity to put some research into a new boost pedal and I found a lot of people talking about the Archer and how much they loved it. So I got on the phone and contacted J Rockett and talked to Chris Van Tassel who is in charge of Artist Relations and we had a really good talk on the phone about the pedal, blues, great guitar players and all of the awesome J Rockett pedals and I was sold. The next time that I saw them was at NAMM 2017 and I finally got to meet Chris in person which was great. I also got to play their Dude pedal and that is now sitting pretty on my pedal board as well.

What were your biggest take-aways from NAMM this year?

DR: This was my first year going to NAMM and my favorite part as performing at the D&A Guitar Gear Booth. I am endorsed by them and I use their sturdy electric gig-stands as well as their Starfish Active Model. Otherwise, NAMM is a music zoo….so much going on and so many people to meet. Practically speaking, you need comfortable shoes and if you leave at 6 pm when it ends….good luck finding a cab or Uber if you didn’t drive and park there. I think it’s important before going to NAMM to get their app and plot out the companies that you would like to go visit and meet as well as getting some meetings set up before you show up. I was a bit bummed because it was my first year going and I was sick. So that put a big damper on things and stayed in my hotel room more than I would have liked. I would have loved to be able to go out to the night events and meet more people, but I was hotel bound.



Finish this sentence: The three recording artists I’m listening to a lot at the moment are…..

DR: T-Bone Walker, Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Dirty Heads

At this moment in time, name for three favorite guitar (brands), and why you have an affinity for each:

DR: As for Guitar Brands, I am really partial. I have two guitars that I use and they are both Fender Stratocasters. I do have a Gibson Epiphone that my Dad gifted me and I have used it a couple of times on recordings but it doesn’t feel as comfortable for me to play as my Stratocasters feel. When I was at NAMM I went to the D’Angelico booth and saw the archtop hollow body guitars that are so beautiful and I would love to have one. But I had a bad experience with an Epiphone Casino archtop which is a similar type of guitar, where it really injured my first finger on my fretting hand. I think there is a difference in the radius on an archtop, it’s flatter than on the Stratocaster and my fingers just don’t like that. I loved the D’Angelico guitars but I would need to sit with them and play them one by one to make sure the comfort level is there.

What is the 2017 Calendar year looking like, recording- and activity-wise, for Diana Rein?

DR: I am working on my one woman band show. Getting all of the components to play the blues for my fans as a solo artist. I have a lot of creativity and ideas ready to get out and I am excited about the free reign to create the sounds that I love and share them with people. I just recently bought a multi-fx unit that I will be using with a looper and a new Purple Blues Jr that will have my main sound with guitar and pedals connected to it. I may even incorporate my keyboard. I am in an exploratory phase. I am also diving into a lot of traditional blues music for my inspiration as well. And social media continues to be an important tool for connecting with people and getting my music heard, so I will be doing more Youtube videos, Facebook live videos. I am excited to do some live shows as well. All will be updated on my website as I book the shows. I am just excited to keep playing, getting better and sharing that through many different avenues. I will also be working on a second album to release most likely in 2018. I have the songs written and partially laid down. My only big question mark is whether I would like to hire a full band to record the songs in studio or if I want to give it the same solo production treatment that I did for my album Long Road where I did everything on my own. But first thing is first and that’s getting my solo live show in order!

Check out more about Diana Rein on her website @ www.dianarein.com


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