Podcast 2: Interview with Tallan Noble Latz


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Tallan Noble Latz is a veteran blues guitar prodigy who is currently only 9 years old! He has played with a host of guitar legends such as; Les Paul, Jackson Brown, Buddy Guy, Walter Trout, Joe Bonamassa and many more. You may have recently seen his performance receive a standing ovation on the television series “America’s Got Talent.” In this podcast interview, Frank talks with Tallan and his father Carl about the highlights of his young and exciting career. Learn about Tallan’s heroes, the gear he uses, and the people he has jammed with. Plus, for the first time ever Tallan performs a live jam over the phone with Nathan Butler. You don’t want to miss it!’


The “T-Man” going off!

Tallan Latz_pcast1a

Tallan Noble Latz with his dad Carl jamming on a killer DBZ crocodile skin style Guitar.

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Show Notes:

  1. Tallan Noble Latz
  2. Walter Trout
  3. Tradition Guitars
  4. Cort Guitars
  5. Archer Guitars
  6. DBZ Guitars
  7. Curt Mangan
  8. Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
  9. Wah-wah Pedal
  10. AKG Wireless
  11. Fender Super Reverb Amp
  12. Buddy Guy
  13. Les Paul jamming with T-man!
  14. Joe Bonamassa
  15. Jackson Brown
  16. Albert Cummings
  17. Alpine Valley
  18. Tallan Noble Latz Band
  19. State of Wisconsin vs. Tallan Noble Latz
  20. Nate Butler Jamming with Tallan over Skype – Photo
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