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NAMM 2010 – SMG Chats with Fred Gretsch

Dan Coplan and Oscar Jordan caught up with Fred Gretsch of Gretsch guitars at the NAMM show on Saturday. He is one cool dude. They discussed guitars, rock n roll….

Winter NAMM 2011: A Look Back at Last Years NAMM Show!

SMG revisited the 2011 Winter NAMM show with 2012 Winter NAMM beginning this week, let’s take a look back!

SMG REVIEW: EMG’s DG20 Prewired Pickguard

EMG is recognized as an innovator in the guitar industry, having designed the first active pickups. Rob Turner, who ignited his brainchild in high school by experimenting with passive pickups and preamps, is the company’s founder. Interestingly, Rob started his music career as a drummer.

Sunset Boulevard’s Guitar Gulch

Whether you’re shopping for a guitar or just get warm fuzzies being around them, visiting the businesses making up Sunset Boulevard’s “Guitar Gulch” in Hollywood, CA is a must. Sadly, there used to be several more shops in the area, but over time these gave way to factors like competition and trading in ‘brick and […]

2010 Los Angeles Amp Show

The 6th Annual LA Amp Show featured an army of vendors showing off a slew of gear including amps, guitars, pedals, cables, and more….

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