It’s Nigel Tufnel Day!

The day has finally arrived! It’s Nigel Tufnel Day! Yes, that’s right, the day that goes to E-L-E-V-E-N. Look at the date. Yes, you CAN look at it. Eleven, eleven, eleven. So no matter whether you are a druid with a BIG BOTTOM or you’re stuck in a HELL HOLE, crank up the Marshall Amplifier all the way up, and let the sustain go, Ahhhhhh!

Nigel Tufnel was born in Squatney, in the east-end of London. He was given his first guitar by his father at the age of six. There was no mistaking that young Nigel was indeed a guitar prodigy. Things changed for Nigel when he entered puberty and then again when he began jamming with his close friend and next-door neighbor David St Hubbins. Together they founded rock super group Spinal Tap!

Nigel’s unique approach to lead guitar, tight spandex and unusual strumming techniques, included creating the method for using a violin as a bow while playing guitar and playing another guitar with his foot at the same time. It was Nigel’s guitar playing, song writing, vocal methods, political deactivism and animal magnetism that propelled Spinal Tap to top the charts and ultimately conquer the world.

Nigel’s hobbies include guitar collecting. In fact, Nigel is renown in guitar circles worldwide for having an uncanny ability to find rare and highly sought after guitars, with the price tag still attached. Though many people have dreamed of viewing his collection, it is well known that many of Nigel’s guitars may not be played, looked at, touched, pointed at, or talked about. Of course  among the hundreds and hundreds of rare guitars in Nigel’s collection, it is rumored that Nigel has the Holy-Grail 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard in mint condition with the price tag still on. Nigel also plays mandolin, piano, bass, kazoo and sings.

What does all of this have to do with anything? Good question. Well the point is that Nigel Tufnel has influenced many guitarists and music loving folks through his bounty of guitar mastery and songs like STONEHENGE and LICK MY LOVE PUMP. Through all his life’s work to date, perhaps his greatest accomplishment was his ability to encapsulate the number eleven into eternal glory… and to him I say thank you good sir! For today is 11-11-11 and we are alive and still rocking!

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