Guitar Review: Fender Jaguar Special Edition with Alt-Rock/Grunge Mods

This week’s review brings me to the special edition Fender Jaguar with Rock/Grunge modifications. This modified Fender Jaguar comes with an alder body giving it a beefier tone but adding a little extra weight. The neck remains the same just as the 65’ jaguar using the shorter 24” scale neck for easier string bending.

The “U” shape neck lends for extra grip while the gloss urethane finish adds a swift feel. This special edition Jaguar has a rosewood 7.25” radius fretboard with 22 vintage style frets. The Fender Jaguar also comes with two special design MIJ Dragster humbuckers to reduce noise and produce fatter, darker tones, making this new Jag perfect for Grunge, Punk or Rock music.

The special edition Fender Jag has a modified pickup switching system for unique coil taping configurations. The Jaguar has two on/off switches one for each pickup. It also comes with a vintage style adjusto-matic bridge with an anchored tailpiece.

The Jaguar uses Fender/Gotoh vintage style tuning machine heads with a chrome finish. The axe comes with the classic 3-ply black pickguard as well as black control knobs. The special edition Jaguar also comes with Fender Super 250R nickel plated steel strings.

The Fender Jaguar HH specifications:

• Controls
• Lead circuit
• 2-Position tone switch
• Volume
• Tone
• Rhythm Circuit
• Volume
• Tone
• Circuit Selector Switch

My over all opinion of the special edition Jaguar is that of mixed feelings. Although I am not partial to Fender guitars for reasons of personal playability, that does not mean I do not like Fender guitars. Everyone has a different feel to a specific guitar style. I will start with the guitar tone. The Jaguar’s tone is specially designed for dirty tones found in rock and grunge music, this is fine if you are only playing these genres of music. I found that when playing the Fender Jaguar Special Edition distorted it had a very chunky and dirty sound, great for that style. When played through clean channels at low volumes it was pretty smooth, however when played at high volume it gets very distorted. This is not necessarily a bad thing as that specific tone is highly sought after. I do like the unique circuits connected to the pickups as they can get some pretty interesting tones. The special edition Jaguar is a little heavy for my taste but it’s what the guitar needs for its dark tone. Compared to most Fender necks, this neck is a little bit easier to get around on. It feels thinner then the Stratocaster type necks.

If you are looking for the Seattle style grunge tone, then this is the perfect guitar for you. If you are looking to buy this model because of the looks then be warned that you are limited to what you can play, as this is not a clean sounding guitar. It is meant for distortion tones. All in all, the Fender Jaguar Special Edition is not a bad guitar at all, it just lacks in versatility. But don’t let that discourage you from trying one out, not every guitar has to meet your every need. Till next week, Happy Holidays and have a Happy New Year from all of us at Share My Guitar. Keep on Shredding and thanks for reading.

P.S If any of our readers would like me to review a specific guitar that you are interested in, drop me an email and I will gladly review that instrument. Cheers Nick.

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