Guitar Review: Ampeg AMG100

Modern Amenities and 60s Retro Styling

This week’s review brings me to a revolutionary guitar made by Ampeg. The AMG100 electric guitar is a 60’s retro style guitar with some amazing upgrades and features that will blow you away. Let me first say that I came across this gem by chance in a pawn shop in Huntington Beach, California. It was there that in my quest of looking for an old Marshall Plexi I came across this unique guitar.

The Ampeg AMG100 comes in three different model’s, the ultra thin diamond cut light weight mahogany in a cherry finish, the swamp ash in the transparent blond finish and the alder in a black finish. The AMG100 has a bolt on Maple 24.75” scale neck that is set deep into the body of the guitar. The AMG neck is smooth and lightning fast with its 24 small frets and slightly rounded fret board. The AMG100 uses one master volume control knob and one master tone knob connected by a 3-way toggle switch. The symmetrical double cut away will give you easy access to all frets and positions even at higher fret numbers.

Revolutionary Pickup System

The AMG100 uses Grover nickel die-cast tuners as well as an adjustable bridge with roller saddles. It also includes dual strap buttons on the bottom for added security and keeps the guitar stable when using a guitar stand. The greatest feature this guitar lends to the table is an interchangeable pickup. Yes I said interchangeable! The AMG100 has a revolutionary circuit system that allows you to swap out the single dual blade humbucker for a single blade single coil pickup. With just a single turn of a screw you can simply pull the pickup out and change you tone in seconds. With a wide range of tone options it’s surprising that the AMG100 with only a single pickup has such a vast variety of tonal settings. From bright and twangy to dark and chunky the AMG100 can do it all. With the retail price tag at just under $530.00 this is definitely a steal. When was the last time you changed you pickup in between songs?

The Good, the Great and the Guitardom

My overall opinion of the AMG100 and it’s revolutionary pickup system is nothing short of brilliant. This is how every guitar pickup system should be, easy access and interchangeable. The AMG100 has a brilliant tone as well as great light weight feel. The fact that it comes in three different wood types will give the player more options in matching it to his or her style and sound. I have nothing bad to say about this guitar. If you have a chance to play one, check it out. You will not be disappointed. The Ampeg AMG100 would have a very prominent place in my ‘guitardom.’ I know, that’s not a real word, but you get the picture don’t you!

Till next week, thanks for reading and keep on shredding.

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