Getting The Most Out Of Online Guitar Tutorials

Guitar playing newbies learn how to play their instruments in one of three ways much like any other person who is trying their hand at something new: visually, which is learning by watching, aurally, which is by listening; and kinesthetically, which is by doing. Out of all these, the most common would be the visual way. It is the primary method because humans, as a species, have learned to do things by watching and copying what others have done. In addition to this, visual learning such as watching a video tutorial also serves as a good guide for the other two methods.

Why visual?

Not everyone is born with an ear for music and the hand-eye coordination to immediately associate certain chords to their respective finger positions and strumming patterns. What most guitar players have in common is eyesight. Watching someone play the guitar, preferably a song that you really like, makes it easier for you to see what you need to do in order to play properly. You can be watching a Youtube tutorial on your laptop, a live concert, or maybe a musical set by your favorite band on a morning television show. The clearer and the crisper the image of the video that you’re watching on screen, the easier it will be to start your learning journey.

Making progress

Once you’ve seen how your favorite song plays out, it’s time to bring in the aural and kinesthetic learning. Start with looking for a video tutorial of your chosen song. These videos usually start with a breakdown of the song’s chords. Usually, the tutorial will do this breakdown section by section starting with the verses then the chorus. This might be the longest part for you since, in addition to learning about the chords, you will also be looking at the strumming pattern and the timing of the song. Make sure to listen to how the chords are supposed to sound and when they change. Once you’ve mastered strumming and timing, you can move up to more advanced playing methods and sections like plucking and riffs, and the use of other more complicated chords and string tune set-ups.

Learning how to play the guitar is in equal parts fun and tiring. You’re not going to get it right on your first few tries but just keep at it and it will be smooth strumming once you get the hang of it. After that, challenge yourself by learning how to sing while playing. It’s a whole new challenge, but it’ll make you all that much cooler.

(Guest post from ShareMyGuitar Blog contributor Jess Walter)

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