D&A Guitar Gear – Ice & Gig Stand review

One thing many guitarists find is when it’s time to get up and go gig, it’s plain time to go. How many times have you, as a guitarist / bassist, got to rehearsal, or a gig, or a recording session and had no place to rest your instrument…. Your expensive, delicate, precious instrument? … Many times, we bet.      D&A Guitar Gear has a line of guitar stands (their Travel Stand Series) that have made this problem extremely easy and affordable to cure, and they look HOT all at the same time.

The D&A “ICE” Stand – The Ice stand comes in both an acoustic and electric version. Each version has a foot bedding that is perfectly sized and tailored to rest any acoustic guitar and respectively any electric guitar very securely. We’ve found that this applies perfectly to all electric and acoustic basses as well (non-upright basses of course). According to D&A Guitar Gear specs the foot bedding in their line of travel stands is made from TPE silicone. We’ve researched that TPE silicone is tacky enough to stabilize finished and raw guitar bodies without being too tacky to allow some leeway and slight movement to assure it stays in the bedding. Most importantly, and unlike rubber and most foams, it is a material that will not, at all, wear away the finish from any guitar. As far as we know, D&A is the only product in this class to offer this material as a part of all their guitar stands and hangers. As we have tested quite a few guitars and are convinced all their claims pretty much hold true.

D&A ICE Stand

The material used to make the body of the ICE stands (the clear ones) is 20% glass filled ABS. These portable stands seem to be able to be ‘stood on’, and not break. We stood on them while closed and we’ve applied heavy pressure to the footing part of the stand while open… and nothing; absolutely solid in construction and seemingly very resilient. There is a patented lattice design applied to the inside construction which definitely goes towards making them as strong as they are. When set up with a guitar or bass saddled on, we found them unbelievably stable. Even if set up in a studio environment or on stage where there’s quite a bit of movement, you could bump them while walking by and your instrument is staying on!   Plus the bottom of the feet are laced with the same material as the foot bedding and it grips the floor surface pretty darn well.

The black version of the travel stands are called D&A “GIG” stands – The only difference between the two versions (according to D&A specs) is that the GIG stands are made from 15% glass filled ABS. Clear ABS takes more glass fill to create the same tensile strength as colored ABS. Other than that, they work exactly the same …awesome!

GIG Stands

As far as using the travel stands go, D&A made it very simple; the stands set-up and break down in only ‘two easy steps’. They also remain locked-open at each step, right at each hinge by snapping locked. This is great because you can be assured that the stands will remain open and secure when in use. To unlock and close them, just reverse the procedure, honestly as simple as that.

D&A Stands

Now for the travel part: it’s really amazing to us here at SMG, just how compact and light these things are! They are light weight but not too light weight that they will just blow over. They fold down absolutely flat and can be thrown into a suite case, duffle bag, or more commonly a hard case or a soft gig bag without even noticing that it’s taking up room. We’ve even seen them slid into the back pocket of a pair of jeans at the small end of the stand while folded up.

D&A-Fold Down


For what you get in either the Gig or the Ice stands, the value is absolutely there. They are affordable (they won’t nearly break your wallet) and they are something that is geared to last you a long time with many, many years of use. We think the greatest thing is that they are lifetime guaranteed (who does that anymore?), and if anything goes wrong by some fluke chance, the gear is fully replaceable by the manufacturer. Get one!

PROS– durability, extremely easy to use, ultra-light weight & compact, unbelievably stable, they look killer!

CONS– can’t find them in enough music stores to try out before you buy, but take our review seriously.. they are out of this world! You can find them on-line including the company’s website, eBay, Amazon, Musicians Friend, and GuitarCenter.com, to name a few.

 Check out more about D&A Guitar Gear: www.heyDnA.com

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