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How Hendrix Got His Tone

If you’re a Hendrix fan, beyond learning to play his licks and improvising in his style, you might wonder about the role equipment took in achieving his signature sound. It’s pretty obvious that he used fuzz and wah pedals. But which models were they? And what about his amps? Well, here we’re going to take […]

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Key Tips To Find The Perfect Playback Speaker Set

A clean electric guitar’s sound covers a frequency range of 80 Hz to 1,200 Hz, though some distortion settings can expand the sound wave to pass 6,000 Hz. However, not all home speaker systems will cover that entire range, so when you play back your music you could be missing some important notes and harmonics. […]

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Digital Modeling Amplifiers for Beginner Musicians

In today’s performance culture, guitar sales have increased over the last five consecutive years. Along with each of the guitars is the need for an amplifier, with the primary three choices being digital modeling, tube, and solid-state amps. It can be difficult to know where to start, especially with music gear so customizable and niche that […]

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Guitar Amp Modifications For The Perfect Rig Setup

Just a few short years ago, music news headlines were emblazoned with the “Rock is Dead” slogan as music instruments and gear sales took a knock. Recent research reveals, however, that the music amp market is slowly making its way back and an anticipated value of around $490 million is expected by the year 2023. But what […]

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Getting The Most Out Of Online Guitar Tutorials

Getting The Most Out Of Online Guitar Tutorials

Guitar playing newbies learn how to play their instruments in one of three ways much like any other person who is trying their hand at something new: visually, which is learning by watching, aurally, which is by listening; and kinesthetically, which is by doing. Out of all these, the most common would be the visual way. It is the […]

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