Best Guitar Posts of the Week

1. Guitar Legend Les Paul Dies at Age 94 was posted on the blog  fretbase and although it wasn’t good news and certainly not the “best” news of the week for those of us who worshiped the great Les Paul, it was a great tribute to the Wizard of Waukesha.


2. The 10 Greatest Electric Guitar Players was posted on the website and covers their view of the ten most awesome guitarist to have ever attacked a 6-string.

3. iPhone Guitar Apps was posted on the guitar blog My Life With Guitar and reviews a cool new guitar application for the iPhone, what a shocker! This app is called Gigbaby! and gives you a four track recorder, metronome, several rhythms to jam along with and even a whole lot more. Not bad for only $.99 and they even offer a free version.

4. Top Guitar Twitter Users List – Updated this was posted on the guitar site Guitar Toy Box and provides excellent information about Guitarist on Twitter. Learn about who are the top guitarist on the popular website Twitter. Hopefully ShareMyGuitar will make the next list!


5. Gibson Through The Lens Photography Exhibition – Sydney was posted on the guitar blog Guitar Noize and you happen to be in Sydney Australia you won’t want to miss this. The event features an awesome photo exhibition of Gibson and Epiphone guitars. “Gibson Through The Lens” features some of the world’s most respected and prolific rock photographers such as Ross Halfin, Jim Marshall, Neal Preston, Mick Rock, Bob Gruen, Baron Wolman and Robert Knight, to name a few. This will be the first time the exhibition featuring these iconic and timeless photographs of international musicians with their Gibson or Epiphone guitar has been staged in Australia

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