2010 Los Angeles Amp Show

Photos © 2010 by Dan Coplan

Way, Way Amp’d!

The 6th Annual LA Amp Show was held October 2 and 3. An army of vendors showing off a slew of gear including amps, guitars, pedals, cables, and more, descended upon the Airtel Plaza Hotel in Van Nuys, CA, just north of Hollywood, where they took over most of the first floor, each occupying a separate room. There was great buzz in the air (not to mention great rocking of speaker cones) as company reps, often including the owners themselves, showed off full inventories including newly released models. I felt like a kid in a candy store, having free reign to sample and get the nitty gritty on the goods.

Yeah, I Got My Amp On

Here is a very small pictorial sampling (hardly doing the extent of the show justice) of some of the sights to be seen at this year’s show.

Newly released London Pro from 65Amps

Dan Boul of 65Amps

New pedals from Jet City

George Metropolous of Metropolous Amplification

BC Audio amps in ammo cans

Pedalboard from HELL!

John Ewing of Egnater

New line of Egnater Tweakers

Fuchs Replay Tube Delay

Sweetwood Guitars

Dan Coplan is senior staff writer at SMG. Dan is a Los Angeles based cinematographer and self-admitting guitar junkie. Email: dancoplan@sharemyguitar.com

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