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  • Mickey Richardson

    Great ‘sound’ advice Dan (pun intended, LOL). I have a friend who just cut a new record and asked me for tips on getting the word out… I’ll forward him your article. I agree with you 100% that utilizing the internet and also press releases, local papers (like OC Register, L.A. weekly, etc) is a valuable and free marketing mechanism that anybody can do for FREE. Let technology be your friend, it’s an asset.

  • Man, in my day it was so difficult to get the word out about anything. Phonebooths and FAX machines and actually driving over there with your “tape.” No kinko’s even we drew flyers by hand. Auditions for gigs not emails and mp3s.

    So it is a little frustrating for me to see young bands not making use of this incredible resource. Maybe they just don’t know how.
    Gimmie some feedback folks. Do we need step-by-step instructions??
    I can do that.

    Spread the word.

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