The Yellow Jackets® Rectifier Converter

YJR, the Yellow Jackets® Rectifier Converter

Yellow Jackets® is pleased to announce a new tube converter, its first new product introduction in years.  This new device is a rectifier tube converter, the YJR, which converts your 5U4, 5AR4 or 5Y3 tube to a solid state rectifier.  It is easy to install and requires no adjustments to your amplifier.  The YJR improves your amplifier by giving you a tighter sound because it reduces the voltage sag in your amplifier’s power supply.

The YJR is made in a gold plated tube socket and uses premium components for optimal quality and sound.  It is hand made in the USA as are all other well respected Yellow Jackets® tube converters that musicians love.  Yellow Jackets® are known for their high quality and ability to change the tone of your amplifier without the need of a technician.

Yellow Jackets® have been manufacturing tube converters for over a decade.

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