The Wish List: What Gear Do You Want?


For reasons I can’t really explain, I spend countless hours online and in various guitar shops looking at the many different “toys.” I don’t really have the dough to buy anything, yet I still hit up the stores, and browse the web.

It’s not like I’m dreaming of owning an incredibly expensive guitar or amp, or anything like that. In fact, I am kind of the opposite. I usually look at the less expensive gear, because it’s the stuff I’d actually buy if I came into the money. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve also looked at the high-end gear that many of us long for. But for me, I only check out the expensive stuff once in a while. Even when I check out the higher end gear, I’m still looking at the lower-end models, because it’s more realistic for me.


I was in a guitar store near Seattle several years ago just browsing. Sat down for a few minutes to play a nice Les Paul that ran about $1,900 bucks. One of the sales reps walked up and handed me this beautiful black cherry colored guitar. Man was this thing nice! Smooth…. so smooth in fact, that it almost played itself. I was blown away by the feel of this thing. The sound? Incredible! Man, that thing was so sweet. After playing it for just a few minutes with the rep hovering over me, he asks, “What do you think? Nice huh?” “It’s awesome!” I replied. “That has got to be the nicest guitar I have ever played. How much?” I asked.

He responded with,”It’s on special this weekend for only $8,888 plus tax.” I almost fell over! I actually started getting nervous holding the damn thing now. I was afraid I was going to somehow hurt this beautiful work of art. I sat there for a minute, considering whether to continue to strum it a few more times or hand it back. Nervously, I handed it back to the sales rep. Now IF, I were a working musician, I might consider a guitar like that. But only if I were making the money to support having that kind of gear. For me, and the budget I operate on, we’re going to need to drop one of those digits! Don’t get me wrong, I would love to own a really nice (expensive) guitar some day. It’s something I think I would really treasure. But in reality, I can’t justify spending that much money on a guitar, or an amp. Even if I had the money, I would more likely go and buy a bunch of different things rather than one or two high priced items.


I’m a Les Paul guy. I’d like to have another. Alright, I gotta be honest…. I want (at least) two more Les Paul’s. But not the real expensive ones. The one I play now was $500 and I love it! I’d also like to get something with a Floyd Rose on it. A nice acoustic perhaps to add to my collection. Of course I’d also like to get a nice tube amp. Not a great big earth-shaking high powered stack or anything, although that would be nice! I would likely go for a smaller but still great sounding amp. I have also recently checked out several custom guitar and amp builders. Many of which can be found here on SMG. Maybe a guitar built just for me! Or an amp! That would be cool! Maybe I would add a few effects pedals and accessories and I am done.


How much do you spend? It would be easy to create a list like this based on winning the lottery or something. Just give me two of everything please! Just because I can! But let’s stay in the realm of what some would or could call reality. Some people scrimp and save all they can to acquire their precious gear. Others may find their gear essential to earning a living, so their budget may be different for the gear they require. I have a couple of friends who recently received nice tax returns and went out and got some new gear. How much is enough? How much is too much? Easily a different answer for everyone. Still I ponder…. what would I get if I had, say $3,000 and could spend it all on guitars and gear? Not enough for you? Give yourself more, $5,000 or $10,000? Is your realistic budget much less? Is $1,500 more realistic for you? What “toys” would you get? How much are you willing to spend on a guitar and other gear? If you had a big lump-sum of cash, would you run down and get that one “Holy Grail” guitar you that you dream about at your local shop? Or would you get it’s knock off cousin? Or would you get some different stuff? Things you wouldn’t normally shop for. Like maybe a steel guitar, or maybe some studio equipment. Do you have a wish list? Do you dream big, or realistically? What gear do you want?

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  • MJK123

    If I won the lottery of $1000, $5000 or even $10000, I would only want a Schecter PT. As a beginner, I don’t need much in the equipment department, but I have always like the PT and the way that it sounds. The next thing would be lessons.

  • ESP Explorer


  • I kind of go back and forth between whether I want a Les Paul Custom with passive humbuckers or to go ahead and get one with EMGs. Especially if I went the passive route, the other electric on my wishlist now is a Schecter Hellraiser C-1 or Devil (the latter of which it looks like they might not make anymore?).

    And a 5- or 6-string bass.

    And a wah pedal. Actually, just a StealthPedal or Guitar Rig floorboard might be sufficient, since I do just about everything with modeling anyway.

  • A Digitech Vocalistlive 2,
    And a Dean USA guitar an EVO or Deceiver.
    AND a Dean Edge Bass

  • Cory Pettiford

    My dream guitar would be a custom shop Les Paul 7 string with a Floyd Rose Bridge and EMG pickups… All black with Chrome hardware, creme binding, no pickguard…

  • John Gruber

    I don’t know how to post a link, but I would get the Destroy All Guitars Telstar and then have my dad build me a JTM 45 clone.

  • Gigi

    What gear do I want? That’s a lovely question. Quite a jewel, really–but the problem with that question is that it’s one that I can’t answer with a definite!
    1k, 5k, 10k–I’d find a way to use each of those amounts. Though, the most reasonable would be the good old middle-ground of 5000$.
    1000 is too little. 10,000 is almost a waste.

    Don’t get me wrong, some of my favorite guitars are in the too-expensive-to-buy range (usually an amount of $4000+ , $6-7000+ for artist models), but the good thing about my selection is that there’s always the just-as-good, cheaper models. The only difference between them is the logo on the headstock and the factory that they’re made in. It’s funny how much one can pay for in an item, and not realize how much goes to a name instead of the product!

    Like Art, I like to keep my head level when dreaming of my next instrument. Spending too much is a no-no, so the low-to-medium price range is perfect. I think my most expensive gear wish is a Hughes & Kettner MKII-based stack, which would run a little more than 3k with all the amenities added in. Toss in a decent control pedal, and my favorite Agile guitar, and we’re in business!

    I like simplicity in my set-ups. Simplicity doesn’t mean that it doesn’t do a lot, though. K.I.S.S. is a great motto~

  • Here’s my list of the best ever – would need a wee bit more dinero to get this collection.

  • Blake Pierce

    Would be happy to get an Ibanez jem jr,a Mexican fender strat,an epiphone les paul cutom pro,Im a working class man don’t have any extra money so even the lower end guitars would make me happy

  • Blake, all seems like very reasonable requests and I’m hoping you are able to get that list going ASAP!

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