The Right Guitar Gear for the Band

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Of course, there is always disagreement about what makes one guitar better than another at the higher standards of lutherie, and a great guitarist can make a mediocre guitar sound fantastic. For electric guitars, this is going to mean quality humbuckers, electronics, and construction; for acoustic guitars, a solid top guitar with low action and the best pickup money can buy, just for starters.

The guitar can be played well and sound great, but without a good amplifier, the sound may come out distorted or fuzzy. For a musician who needs the best sound possible, with multiple tone stages to modify the nature of the guitar signal, and various electronic effects from the amp and guitar pedals, a decent guitar amp can run in the high hundreds to the thousands. Avoid purchasing inexpensive practice amps for the stage as the power output necessary to project to a crowd may distort the signal.

Guitar gear changes over time, with players picking up new instruments, changing their preference of sound effects, and trying out or replacing various accessories. Whenever possible, buy the best available. Now all you need to do is get started in finding some good electric guitars for sale and start building that rig.

Corey Palmer is a guitarist from Woodstock, NB Canada who has been playing for the past 20 years.  During this time, he has been a member of many different bands ranging from rock, metal and even a little country.  He currently jams with a band called gNosh.

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