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  • Mickey

    LMAO! good tip dan… I can’t wait to practice this approach!!!

  • Patrick

    Hey, that was a cool story. The beauty is I’m 46 and am finally playing out in a duo, and we’re living THAT life. I am appreciating what we get, and love the fact that people enjoy listening to us. Thanks for the story.

  • Aint it great?! Tell your story man. Share it! I imagine what a difference this technology would have had for us when I was 16. Such an amazing tool for a working musician. Youtube is a dream come true and the connections made everyday on myspace keep the local scenes moving. Stars are forced now to have a myspace page just to compete. It is very cool to get thousands of people from all over the world to hear the song you wrote about your dad or your dream or your broken heart.

    Living the dream is easy if the dream is realistic.

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