The Birth of Fred

For my first piece on sharemyguitar, I thought it appropriate that I write about what I am truly passionate about: my music. Now, you may be thinking, “Well, duh. He’s a writer for a guitar website,” but it’s more specifically about the genre, than just music in general. The genre is a fairly new one, and in my opinion, the key to merging blues with mainstream pop culture. Fred.

In an interview regarding his album Full Circle, Walter Trout, a idol of mine, explained that, “People ask me if they should call my music blues or rock. I tell them they can call it ‘Fred’ if they must have a label.”

And so in explanation of this genre, Walter has done it just fine; it is Blues fusion. Not only is Fred fusion with Rock, but also fusion with Hard Rock, Jazz, Metal, and even Smooth Jazz.

The newest and hottest musician to support and perform the genre is Joe Bonamassa, a student and follower of Walter Trout. Joe plays music with blues roots, but incorporates Jazz and Hard Rock with the music to give it a powerful, progressive, minor, and melodic sound, which before, blues had lacked.



While some would wonder why Hendrix or Stevie Ray Vaughan had not been called “Fredders,” it would be that they were not playing blues fusion, the specific definition of Fred. Walter and Joe, and I, play music with it’s roots in blues, but branches into vastly dissimilar genres to give it a new sound.

In one interview, Joe Bonamassa commented on his solos, saying that he more or less began and ended a guitar solo with blues roots, but then drifted to playing whatever he felt through the middle.

For reference, you can see this video of Joe demonstrating at a concert-

Joe Bonamassa Guitar Solo

Songs of Joe’s which you can check out include, “Tea for One,” for a progressive, melodic sound, “Had to Cry Today,” for a progressive, hard metal sound, and “Blues Deluxe” for a powerful, minor, experimental scaling sound.

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