The Beatles: Guitar Heroes 35 – George Harrison’s Hofner President and Club 40

Share My Guitar is proud to release a special series of guest posts by John F. Crowley about guitars owned by members of the Beatles. Be sure to check out our previous article’s covering the history and impact of these fab guitars.

Check out the young lad on the left, George Harrison pickin’ on a Hofner President!

A Step Up in Quality!

In a quantum leap from his first instrument, and with a little help from Mum, Harrison purchased this handsome Hofner, a top-of-the-line, single-cutaway “cello style” model with a sunburst finish and a “Compensator” tailpiece, for £30.  He played the President until swapping it to a member of the Swinging Blue Jeans the following year for a Hofner Club 40.

Good Vibes

Before mounting a small pickup, Harrison got extra volume by playing this guitar with its head against a wardrobe cabinet.

A rare glimpse of Harrison’s Hofner Club 40 model 244.

I’ll Gladly Trade You Tuesday…

A little Hofner that looked like a solid guitar but was actually hollow inside, with no soundholes,” as Harrison described it (the left-most guitar in the photo above).

For a Hofner Today!

He got it in a trade with Ray Ennis of the Swinging Blue Jeans, and has said that he later traded in the Club 40 for “something,” but a rare photo shows him with it even after he’d bought his next two guitars.  It differs from Lennon’s Club 40 in that its control panel is round instead of rectangular, and the headstock logo is horizontal rather than vertical.  A sentimental Harrison acquired one very much like it during his solo career.  The original?  All four Beatles signed it before it was given away, and it has been in a German bank vault for many years.

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