The Beatles: Guitar Heroes 28 – George Harrison’s Gibson ES-345-TD

Share My Guitar is proud to release a special series of guest posts by John F. Crowley about guitars owned by members of the Beatles. Each week we will unleash another article covering the history and impact of these fab guitars.

George Harrison playing his Gibson ES-345-TD Tobacco Sunburst – Stop Tailpiece; vintage ’63-’65

It’s been reported that one of the Moody Blues loaned this guitar to Harrison after his Country Gent was smashed on a roadway on 2 December ’65, but photos from the “Daytripper” and “We Can Work It Out” video session of 23 November show Harrison playing this guitar, so another myth bites the dust. Other photos show him using it on the December British tour, but after that — nothing. It doesn’t show up in current photos of his collection, so it may just be one of those guitars that passed through his hands. I wish I had more to report, but that’s show biz!

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