The Beatles: Guitar Heroes 21 – John Lennon’s 1961 Fender Stratocaster

John Lennon jammin’ on his 1961 Fender Stratocaster in Sonic Blue!

One day in the studio, during the Help! sessions, Lennon and Harrison sent roadie Mal Evans out to “get a couple Strats,” and Ever-Smiling came back from Grimwoods in Kent with two ’61 models in a rare color (reportedly, Brian Epstein had agreed to pay for them if they were the same color).

They later put them to work on “Nowhere Man,” and used them regularly, including a Sgt. Pepper session. Whereabouts unknown, although a similar model with a maple fretboard is seen during the Imagine sessions.

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  • Loving this new series all about the guitars The Beatles used, I had no idea Lennon used a strat. I wonder how much these guitars would go for at auction?

    • @Elliot, glad you’re enjoying the series. The Beatles experimented a lot with different sounds and styles and their guitars were a big part of it. Check back next week for the next Beatles guitar!!!

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