The Beatles Guitar Heroes 14 – Paul McCartney

Share My Guitar is pleased to announce a new series of guest posts by John F. Crowley about guitars owned by members of the Beatles. Each week we will unleash another article covering the history and impact of these fab guitars.

The Beatles: Paul McCartney’s ’66 Fender Esquire…

1966 Fender Esquire sunburst (vintage unknown): McCartney bought this single-pickup Telecaster model during the Revolver sessions and had the strap button moved to the “horn” side of the body. Also used on “Good Morning, Good Morning” and “Helter Skelter.” As far as I know, McCartney still has this guitar.


Macca’s ’68 Martin D-28 Acoustic Guitar…

C.F. Martin D-28 acoustic (vintage unknown): This sweet-sounding dreadnought surfaced during the “White Album” sessions (it’s the one used on “Blackbird”), and can be seen in the “Two of Us” scene in the “Let It Be” film.

  • matt

    didn’t know about the fender esquire. cool! thanks for posting this, great info on beatle guitars!!!!!

  • I don’t remember seeing Paul with an upside-down Fender Esquire. Great to see that photo.

  • nbwriter

    Thanks, I was trying to find out the precise acoustic guitar Macca used on Blackbird…

    The above photo does not verify it’s a D-28 Martin (since the logo on the head is not included).. But Paul mentions a “Martin” in an interview for Guitarist Magazine, 2011.

    He couldn’t remember the model, but the interviewer jogged his memory and Paul said “Yeh, thats it!”.

    If anyone’s interested, Paul definitely used a ’64 Epiphone Texan on “Yesterday” for live acoustic performance.

    For later live performances (Abbey Road) – Paul looks like he’s still using Martin for acoustic… (But I cannot verify that until I do an image match on google).

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