Taylor Magazine’s Wood&Steel Publishes Share My Guitar Review!

The latest edition of Taylor Guitars Wood & Steel is now out (Volume 63 Spring 2010) and we were very pleased to see that Taylor published an excerpt from our review of the Taylor 414ce!

The latest edition of Wood&Steel features Dave Matthews, Backstage with Tommy Kessler and more!

The Five-Star 414ce


Excerpt From Wood&Steel (page 16):

When our friends at Share MyGuitar, an online social network for guitar enthusiasts, asked to do a review of a mid-priced Taylor acoustic/electric, the 414ce ended up a big winner. Reviewer Nick Arrietta takes the guitar through some pretty strenuous playing, and with each different style, the guitar rose to the occasion. “The guitar is the perfect acoustic for any style of music, whether fingerstyle, folk, voice accompaniment, rock, jazz, and beyond,” Arrietta says. “The resonating tone that comes through this guitar is unlike any other acoustic I have played to date.” Arrietta concludes that “this amazing guitar is at the top of my
list, with its warm, full-sounding mids and bold lows,” and gives the guitar a five-star rating (out of five). With its “electric feel” and “smooth and easy to grip” neck, it’s “just what the guitar doctor ordered.”

Wood&Steel began as a desire of Taylor co-founders Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug to create an informative communication channel between the company and the people who buy our guitars.

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