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What is RSS? Feeds? Subscribing? I’m Confused!

The internet is huge. You don’t need me to tell you that. Even the guitar slice of the internet is pretty crowded. It would be a lot of work to check your favorite guitar and music websites every day to see if new content has been published.

A better way to keep on top all the websites you like to visit is to subscribe to RSS feeds from all these great sites and access them all from one place. Feeds allow you to subscribe to information you find relevant and useful, and be notified when your favorite websites are updated. It’s kind of like subscribing to a magazine and getting the magazine delivered to your home, rather than going to the newsstand and wading through everything to find the few magazines you like to read.

RSS feeds allow you to skip visiting each website individually. Instead you just go to Google Reader, iGoogle, My Yahoo!, Bloglines or any number of other feed readers and read all your favorite websites’ content in your feed reader. Pick your favorite one and subscribe to a bunch of your favorite sites. If you are an avid online reader, using RSS subscriptions to keep track of the news and your favorite blogs can save you hours a day.

Best of all, subscribing is totally free.

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