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  • Frank

    Nice piece Dan! Sound issues are harder to tackle then most think… 15 hot mics on stage is an artform!

  • Mickey

    Great tips here Dan. If only I knew half of this info back when I began gigging, the sound would have been SO much better and the audience might have actually heard a good mix…

  • Dan

    I am going to buy my Soundman something pretty.

    *If you knew BobbyD this would be hilarious.

  • Dan

    I would bet there are actual sound people out there with great stuff to learn.
    It would be great if you guys posted your tips too.

    I have one.

    Extra Batteries! How many times have you heard the phrase “anybody have a 9volt!?!”

    geeze, buy the two-pack dude.

    come on, post your tips too.

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