SMG – Week in Review: February 21, 2010

Adventures in Black-Rock with Jimi Hazel of 24-7 Spyz: part 3

SMG writer Oscar Jordan interviews lead guitarist Jimi Hazel of the rock group 24-7 Spyz in this 6 part series.

Oscar: When did you get into the hard stuff?

Hazel: Me and a core group of guys that I grew up with just loved music. Emerson Lake & Palmer, Rush, you name it. As much as we loved The Commodores, Earth Wind & Fire and Rufus, it was prog-rock. We would listen to Farewell to Kings by Rush or anything and everything. The heavy stuff was always there. We also liked heavy stuff in an R&B vein and the best thing that could have happened at that point was Funkadelic: Continue Reading


Guitar Review: The Buckethead Signature Gibson Les Paul

Each Buckethead Signature Les Paul is crafted from a two-piece maple top attached to a chambered mahogany body. This wood combination is one of the most legendary pairings in the history of the solid and semi-solid electric guitar and yields a beastly tone  that is unmatched. The chambering adds a further dimension, increasing the guitar’s tone, while also increasing its acoustic volume and sustain.

The Gibson Buckethead Signature Les Paul is unlike any Les Paul out there. With an over-sized, chambered Les Paul body, a marker-less ebony fretboard, and Buckethead’s custom Gibson ceramic humbucker pickups: Continue Reading


Danelectro Transparent Overdrive: CTO-1 vs CTO-2

The CTO-1 is a great pedal and “transparent” is an accurate description. I’ve tried a number of OD’s and have often been disappointed by the way they tend to drop the bottom out of the tone and emphasize the mid range.

Danelectro recently phased out their Cool Cat Transparent Overdrive CTO-1 pedal for the CTO-2 which adds features to let guitarists further customize their sounds: Continue Reading


The Beatles Guitar Heroes 15 – John Lennon

This short-scale guitar was used on a Dutch TV show, in the studio (Beatles For Sale) and served as a backup throughout 1964, and saw actual use at a show in Boston on 12 September. Tom Hartman, who recorded in Abbey Road as a young man, recalls seeing it in the storage area with a set list taped to it.

At their New York meeting, Lennon asked Hall to make him a twelve-string model to match his 325, and in March ‘64, Rickenbacker shipped this guitar to him in London: Continue Reading


Session Guitarists: Tips For the Aspiring Musician – part 2

The number one way to get called in for a session work is to be known as a great guitar player. There are many and different ways to do this. For example you could be world famous in that your talent and abilities speak for themselves.

While I’m not a household name, I have plenty of session work experience and feel familiar with a number of topics that I will address in this weeks post: Continue Reading


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