SMG TIPS: The Art of Acquiring
Guitars, Part 4


Continuing our discussion from last weeks post, another good option would be to get a guitar from a custom builder. It’s not always as expensive as you might think. Now personally, I am more of a hands on type of guitar buyer. I have to hold the guitar and play it. If it doesn’t feel right in my hands, I am not going to buy it. So for me, shopping online doesn’t work. But that would not keep me from going to a custom builder. I have found many custom builders online, many are right here with us on the SMG Social Network for Guitarists.
After looking at many different guitars from various custom builders here on SMG, I have found several guitars I would buy in a heart beat….beautiful guitars and custom built! The great thing about custom built guitars is that you specify what you want and they build it for you… and at very reasonable prices. Of course there is also eBay and Amazon and the other various shopping sites, as well as all the big chains, where you can shop online if that’s what you’re best option. I still recommend that you go to a guitar store and try out a particular model guitar if you can.


Let’s go back to the original question….what kind of a guitar should I get? The answer is, the one that feels good, sounds good, and that you can afford! Just because a guitar has an expensive price tag on it doesn’t mean it’s the best guitar out there for you. You may play it and learn that although it is made from select materials, made by hand, and really is a beauty instrument…. it just doesn’t feel right. Or, it wasn’t as nice as you thought it would be. It may be hard to imagine…. but get out there and check some of these guitars out. You might find some surprises. And just because it seems like a great deal, it doesn’t always mean you’re getting a great guitar. There is as much junk out there, as there is guitars worth having. Don’t be afraid to try out a lot of different guitars. That’s what the stores are for. Play, listen, compare, learn…. have fun and enjoy it!


Lastly, what will my next guitar be? Well I have been wanting a Telecaster. I have always liked them a lot. I have seen many Telecasters offered by custom builders here on SMG, and I hope someday to be able to go that route and get myself a Custom Tele! Or maybe an SG? A steel guitar is also something I have been seriously considering. Of course I will gladly take another Les Paul…any time, any day.

To be clear, there aren’t really any guitars that I don’t like! I like playing some guitars more than others….but to me a guitar is a beautiful thing. If I did not mention your favorite brand or model, it does not mean that it’s not a great guitar. Many guitars are beautiful pieces of art and craftsmanship. Each is unique in it’s own way. Each one has it’s own voice and it’s waiting for you to make it sing! Or maybe even scream! Go get a guitar and play!

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