SMG: This Week in Review 11.15.09


1. Podcast 8: Interview with Bob Wootton “Where’s Luther, Johnny?” It’s a shouted question that was captured for posterity on Johnny Cash’s classic Live at San Quentin album. In fact, Luther Perkins, an original member of the Tennessee Two and originator of the legendary “boom chick a boom” guitar on Cash’s early records, had been killed in a house fire….


2. Guitar Review: Ibanez S520ex This sleek looking, mind numbing piece of weaponry is a must have for those looking for an array or tonal possibilities. With its ultra thin mahogany body the Ibanez S520 is super light weight while still maintaining a soothing warm tone….


3. Guitar Review: Jackson RR5 This classic reissue of the original Randy Rhoads Flying V screams aggressive style and prestige.  The RR5 is made of the V shaped alder body, giving you all the screaming tone….


4. What is Your Guitar Collecting Philosophy? Before buying any of my guitars I researched them. A lot. By the time I was ready to purchase the guitar, I knew more about it than the seller did. Google is an excellent resource, along with a ton of books out there….

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