SMG Review: Tone Manual – Discovering Your Ultimate Electric Guitar Sound!

Get your copy of the Tone Manual and discover Your Ultimate Electric Guitar Sound!



It holds true for all musicians, but especially guitarists… TONE IS KING! Let’s face it, when we look at our tone we dig deep into such things as: the specific model of guitar, type of wood, the pickups, wiring, tone pots, patch cables, effects, amps, speakers, strings, bridge… and more! We search and search in constant analysis, in hopes of achieving that ever precious perfect tone! While we search for answers, we utilize such methods as trial and error or we count on the advice of a friend, Forums, etc… but it just got a whole lot easier!

The Tone Manual was written by Dave Hunter who is a knowledgeable guitarist and has written several books on the subject of guitars such as: Interactive Gibson Bible, The Guitar Amp Handbook, Guitar Effects Pedals, Guitar Rigs, Play Acoustic and many more worth checking out.





“The Tone Manual is the first book to take this hallowed concept seriously. In the course of breaking down the individual components of the electric guitar rig, the book both examines the ingredients in any given piece of equipment that contribute to superior or inferior sound, and offers tips on improving and making the most of the gear you’ve already got – all with reference to interviews with name artists and manufacturers.

In addition, the Tone Manual discusses the evolution of the guitarist’s concept of “good tone.” It provides an extensive guide to recorded examples of playing generally considered “tonally superior,” citing examples from the early days of electric jazz, blues, country, and rock and roll; from the classic rock, blues rock, and heavy rock heyday of the late 1960s and early ’70s; and from myriad contemporary artists.”


The Tone Manual is like having a personal expert at your fingertips! It is jam packed with excellent tips and tricks to help you achieve better tone. The Tone Manual is extremely informative and  breaks down tone into sections that look at different guitars, amplifiers, speakers and effects. With a series of over 30 specific Tone Tips, you will gain a much stronger understanding of your equipment and how to maximize tone from the gear you already have. The Tone Manual also comes with a cover-mounted CD to supplement the awesome information presented in the manual.

Pro’s: Comprehensive, Affordable, 30 specific Tone Tips, Included CD.

Con’s: N/A

More information: Hal Leonard

Price – $24.99 (US)


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