SMG Review: The Tanglewood Premier All-Mahogany Acoustic Guitar

The Tanglewood Premier All-Mahogany is a classic acoustic built with quality and tone at an affordable price.

Tanglewood Guitars was established in the UK in 1988, originally serving Great Britain and Ireland before expanding throughout Europe. Self-described as “the best-selling brand of acoustic guitars in the UK”, the brand has broadened their reach in the last decade to become a strong up-and-comer in the U.S. and Canadian acoustic guitar market.


The Tanglewood company was kind enough to send SMG a review copy of their model TW130 and it’s just one of three models of the Premier Series All-Mahogany collection. This is the Orchestra style; the others are the Slope Shoulder Dreadnought (TW138) and the Parlor (TW133).

With my initial inspection of the Tanglewood Premier All-Mahogany Acoustic I was immediately impressed with the high level of quality in which the guitar was made. This is a relatively inexpensive guitar with their suggested Retail Price of only $469. However, it has the looks and feel of a much more expensive guitar. As I continued to inspect the guitar’s appearance, I noticed how the mahogany lines the top, sides and back in a truly beautiful way and the one-piece mahogany neck feels great. The expression that less in more really comes home with this one.

It has a satin finish, unbound body, and basic inlays. Instead of adornments, the focus of this series is entirely on the beauty of the all-mahogany bodies and the warm, detailed tone that they purvey.

As I played the Tanglewood Premier All-Mahogany Acoustic, I heard nicely balanced tone that can really cut through the mix on an acoustic set. It can be loud and boomy or soft and smooth. The factory setup on the guitar is excellent. It has low action, which did not require any adjustments.


  • Solid Mahogany top and back
  • Mahogany sides
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Mahogany one-piece neck
  • PPS nut and saddle (ABS ivory on TCC-S)
  • 1 11/16” (43mm) nut width
  • Slotted headstock with Chrome Vintage Style tuners
  • 25.5” (650mm) scale length
  • D’Addario EXP strings


Tanglewood has put together a high-end style acoustic guitar at an affordable price. The guitar comes from the United Kingdom with all the flair and quality that you would expect to have from a British company. After playing the Tanglewood Premier All-Mahogany Acoustic Guitar for some time, I began to REALLY like this guitar. I would recommend the Tanglewood Premier All-Mahogany Acoustic Guitar to anyone in the market for an affordable acoustic guitar. Try one and compare it to the others in the same price range and you just might be going home with a fresh new Tanglewood.

Pros: Great tone, Superb action, Well balanced, All mahogany.

Cons: N/A

MSRP – $469 USD

Manufactures website:

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