SMG Review: The Buznut Ultimate Guitar String Dampener

The Buznut Ultimate Guitar String Dampener will ROCK you!


Right out of the package you will notice how small and simple the Buznut strip is. The Buznut strips allow you to quickly and easily dampen your string without modifying your guitar. I play a 69’ Les Paul so there is no way I am going to drill holes into the head stock. The Buznut strip allowed me to dampen the strings with ease. It’s very easy to install and will give you superb string dampening. Each package comes with two different size strips. Unlike other dampening systems that require you to modify your guitar or tamper with your tuners, the Buznut strip does not require alteration to your axe in any way.

The Buznet strips are made of quality materials and will work on nearly all guitar setups. There are two sizes you can use to match your guitars action. The standard strip (the S strip) will fit most guitars with average to low action. The Custom strip (the C strip) will work with guitars that have super low action — mainly for all you shred masters!


The “S” strip: Fits most guitars with average to low action

The “C” strip: Fits most guitars with super low action


The Buznut Ultimate Guitar String Dampener is a great product that truly does what it was designed to do. Being that I am a soloist, I leave my “C” strip engaged all the time. I rarely use open notes when recording or on stage, however I have the option of quickly disengaging the Buznut in an instant with no hassle or noise from the strings. It is my humble opinion that any guitarist will benefit from using the Buznut. Whether you are just beginning or are a seasoned veteran, the Buznut will enhance your technique and allow you to play with more confidence and ease. I don’t even notice that it is on my guitar neck anymore. It blends in nicely and will not take anything away from the first fret on your axe.

“The Buznut strips are really like taking vitamins for the guitarist”

When disengaged, you will get clear vibrations that won’t mute your strings giving you superb control. I really believe this to be an invaluable tool for those just starting out. It will allow the student to form chords and notes easier without hitting unwanted notes. This will give the player more confidence and will have you playing for longer with less frustration. For those of you wanting to learn multiple finger and two hand tapping techniques, this is the product for you. I will admit that I find myself learning the insane licks that Chris Broderick dazzles us with on the daily. I highly recommend this product to everyone. Get your Buznut on!

MSRP – $9.95 (Two pack)


Amp Shop/Bass Exchange
13701 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Musicians Institute Music Store
6752 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028

Till next week, thanks for reading and keep on shredding!

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