SMG Review: T-Rex ToneBug Series Guitar Effects Pedals



The ToneBug Compressor/Sustainer pedal is a sweet little effects pedal with just the right amount of wet signal. This pedal is a mellow soft effects pedal that doesn’t add a radical amount of effect, but rather a nice blend to add to your tone. The Sustainer aspect of this pedal is more on the dry side in that it doesn’t add a ton of sustain but just enough to extend your musical idea a few seconds longer. It is not an infinite sound sustainer. This pedal adds to the tone rather than trying to change the sound. It builds on top of the tone you already have dialed in.

The compressor side of this effect is more powerful than the sustainer. A compressor is a time release gain effect smoothing out and releasing sound in a balanced manner. The compressor balances out the volume frequencies so that there are no spikes when you hit the strings harder than normal. It also utilizes a toggle switch that allows you to choose between a slow attack for a more natural tone and a fast attack for a more abundant compressed and sustained tone.

The Tone Bug Sustainer/Compressor is a great little pedal that can add just the right amount of sustain…. and balance out the harsh spikes in your tone. If you are looking to smooth out your tone than I recommend you check this pedal out. It’s not as harsh as other compressors or sustainers. You will love the quiet switching and retaining of your natural tone with out changing the EQ settings.

Price Tag – $99.00

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