SMG Review: T-Rex ToneBug Series Guitar Effects Pedals


The ToneBug Booster can be used in a few different ways. The most obvious would be in boosting your overdrive, distortion or clean channel. Pretty straight forward right? Well, if you take the time to play around with the Booster’s dials, you will find out as I did that the ToneBug Booster can be used as a clean cut! Awesome! We will get to that in a minute. One thing you need to know is that this booster has a significant amount of boost with just a slight turn of the dials. It doesn’t take very much to boost each channel. This being said, there is a wide range of boost to be had with this baby!

The Booster pedal is super simple, using only two knobs; a Boost and a Scoop knob. The Boost knob controls the amount of boost and volume of the channel. Even at low boost, you will get a nice volume upgrade especially on the overdrive channel. The Scoop works much like a modulation effect. By turning the scoop down, you will get classic overdrive type tone. When set at 12 o’clock, you get a nice tube drive tone while when turned all the way up, you will achieve a bright slightly dirty modulated tone.

The Booster works as a tone preserving mechanism. It’s like turning the volume knob on the guitar up and down without compromising the actual tone. This pedal works great with tube drivers and over drive pedals. If you are using the natural tone of your amp or a dry effects set up, this is the pedal for you. Save your tone and bypass the middle man volume knob.

This is a great pedal that will strengthen your sound.

Price Tag – $99.00

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