SMG Review: T-Rex ToneBug Series Guitar Effects Pedals


The T-Rex Totenschlager is a monstrous distortion pedal and is unlike anything else in its class. The Totenschlager is as heavy as they come but retains the clarity that most other distortion pedals lack because of to much gain. The onboard EQ allows you to personalize your tone with individual Low, Mid and High level scrolls. This pedal is capable of kicking out a variety of distortion tones, ranging from the Death Metal scooped mid’s style to bright treble induced Thrash Metal distortion. The clarity of this pedal is second to none. I was astonished by the articulate separation of each frequency while still retaining the heavy chunk we all know and love. The crystal clear harmonic, both pinch and natural, can pierce a wild bore. Taking the time to dial in the vast range of tones you can achieve with the Tortenschalger is beneficial because it is truly versatile.

The only thing that did seem to distract me was the volume of the pedal itself. It is a very quiet pedal. In order to utilize balance with other channels, you have to turn the volume knob all the way up. However this may be by design. Other than that small detail, this is truly an epic distortion pedal that has found a home on my pedal board. I compare its drive to an Engl Powerball amp or a modified Rectifier with double the clarity and articulation.

The Totenschlager is laid out with a Gain knob that controls the enormous amount of drive. The 3-band EQ with low, mid and high adjusters controls the individual frequencies. Lastly, the Level knob controls the volume of the pedal itself.

This is definitely a great pedal.

Price Tag – $99.00

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