SMG Review: T-Rex ToneBug Series Guitar Effects Pedals


The ToneBug Fuzz is a great 70’s style Fuzz pedal that will give you that dirty overdrive tone. This pedal works well as a stand alone Fuzz pedal when the gain is cranked up or when backed off, it stands up as a nice vintage overdrive effect. It is a straight forward simple pedal with tons of punch. Depending on what amp you are using, this pedal works best with the onboard volume knob at ¾’s and use the amps volume to fine tune your overall volume.

The ToneBug Fuzz can become a variety of overdrive pedals depending on how you fine tune the effect. You can push it over the top and achieve a really dirty distortion, or scale it back and find yourself with a smooth gentle overdrive with a slight boost of volume. If you take the time to explore the options, this simple pedal can create a world of wondrous tones you never thought possible. The Fuzz can also become a clean booster or an overdrive booster when scaled nearly all the way back. This effect is very versatile.

The ToneBug Fuzz utilizes three knobs. The Fuzz knob, which controls the amount of gain and grit, the Tone knob controls your EQ setting ranging from bright dirty fuzz to a mid rangy overdrive, and the Level knob controls the volume. The break points like the volume on an amplifier. So, if you crank the volume level up on the pedal it will deliver a broken up slightly dirty tone.

This pedal comes in very handy.

Price Tag – $99.00

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