SMG Review: T-Rex ToneBug Series Guitar Effects Pedals

Check out the SMG review of T-Rex ToneBug series guitar effects pedals!




T-Rex Engineering was founded by Lars Dahl and Sebastian Jensen who still claim to be “tech geeks and music freaks.” They started the company in 1996 so they could build the best guitar MIDI gear around. Within no time, they had achieved their goals and began producing the legendary Mac1 MIDI controller and Bigfoot MIDI board. T-Rex then began making guitar effects pedals. The idea was simple. T-Rex wanted to make easy to use effects pedals that each did one thing better than the rest!


This review is dedicated to a group of new T-Rex ToneBug series effects pedals. Right away you can feel the quality of construction in these simple pedals. Each pedal can be powered by a 9v battery or 9v power supply. Over the past week I have run the gauntlet with five of the T-Rex ToneBug effects pedals. The Sensewah, Fuzz, Booster, Compressor/Sustainer and the Totenschlager distortion pedal. I hope that this review sheds some new light on an awesome effects company and their products. I would like to thank T-Rex for allowing us to play with their new toys.


The T-Rex Sensewah pedal caught my eye immediately as I’m a big fan of wah pedals, cry baby’s and auto wah’s. Each style of pedal has a unique tone and serves specific purposes. The Sensewah is an auto wah type effect with an added twist. The first thing I noticed was it didn’t kill my tone by cutting the lows and exaggerating the highs. Most wah pedals can kill your tone with a vengeance. With the Sensewah, you have a simple design with a great tonal option palette.

The Sensewah includes a Sense knob, which controls the amount of wah effect you get. All the way clockwise, you will get more of a wah-wah effect while all the way counter clockwise offers a more mellow wah tone, but still remains wet. The Range knob tunes how much range your wah effect will have. From 0-5 you get a dialed back wah sound, which gives you that Zakk Wylde style wah tone. From 6-10 you will achieve a funkier bright wah tone perfect for clean rhythms. The Sensewah is also outfitted with a toggle switch which lets you choose from two different types of wah effects: the wah-wah is like a Dunlop Original Cry Baby effect, while the Yoy Yoy setting is more of a mellow seeded back wah, lending more for tone than it does for wah effect. This pedal sounds amazing with overdrive and distortion effects.

An extremely cool feature within the Sensewah is the pressure sensitivity. Yes, the harder you pick, the more effect you will get. If you are deliberate with your stroke, you will get a nice loud wah sound. While a softer stroke will get you a mellow sweep effect. This is a very cool feature. The bypass switch is super smooth and very quiet, making it a breeze to switch on and off with no lag time. I would suggest that you really play around for a while with this pedal and find your sweet spot.

There are a tone of great tones in this little pedal.

Price Tag – $149.00

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