SMG Review: T-REX Fuel Tank Chameleon

Power your gear with the T-REX Fuel Tank Chameleon and maximize the tone!


T-Rex Engineering was founded by Lars Dahl and Sebastian Jensen who still claim to be “Tech Geeks and Music Freaks.” They started the company in 1996 so they could build the best guitar MIDI gear around. Within no time, they had achieved their goals and began producing the legendary Mac1 MIDI controller and Bigfoot MIDI board. T-Rex then began making guitar effects pedals. The idea was simple. T-Rex wanted to make easy to use effects pedals that each did one thing better than the rest!


The first thing I noticed after opening the box was the large amount of cables that came included with the T-Rex Fuel Tank Chameleon. It’s compact and will fit on just about any pedal board. The Chameleon has six independent power outputs that are switchable from 9v-12v as well as 9v-18v DC and 9v-12v AC power. The Chameleon comes with single power cables, a daisy chain cable that can series up to five pedals as well as an AC cable and a Line 6 compatible cable. With four separate voltage options, this is the most versatile power supply on the market.


  • 6 separate outlets (use up to 5 simultaneously)
  •  Your choice of 9V DC, 12V DC, 18V DC or 12V AC power
  •  Isolated, 300mA outlets (1,500mA total)
  • Switchable 115V or 230V mains
  • All the cables you need
  • Compact, rugged, road-ready design


The T-Rex Chameleon is by far the most versatile power supply I have used to date. With so many voltage options and power settings, there is nothing in my arsenal that I cannot power with this bad boy. With the daisy chain cable and the ability to use up to five outlets at once, you can power up to 15 pedals depending how much power each pedal requires. This is a great dependable and durable power supply that everyone should add to there pedal board. Some of the coolest pedals out on the market use AC power, which can be really frustrating when trying to connect them to power supply chains since often times, it cannot be done. Well now you can without having to worry about burning out outlets or interrupting the chain. The T-Rex Chameleon is a must have. Check out one for yourself and see the possibilities it can bring to your musical arsenal. I guarantee that you will not regret it.

Pros: Super versatile, various voltage options, switchable 115v or 230v mains, daisy chain and single setup options, quality design, 6 separate outlets, AC power option, dependable.

Cons: N/A

Price range$149.99 – $199.00

Manufacturers website:


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