SMG Review: Randall Kirk Hammett Signature Series KH120RHS 120W 4×12 Guitar Half Stack

The Randall Kirk Hammett Signature Series KH120RHS 120W 4×12 Guitar Half Stack!


Kirk Hammett is the lead guitarist and a songwriter in the heavy metal band Metallica and has been a member of the band since 1983.

The Randall Amplifier Company was founded in 1970 by Don Randall, a life long radio and audio amplifier enthusiast. Randall began working as a salesman for a radio supply shop after graduating from community college in Santa Ana, CA. It was there that he began a business relationship with Leo Fender, who at the time was operating a nearby radio repair shop.


Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett helped design the signature Randall KH120RHS Half Stack. Working with Randall, Kirk’s plans were to develop a half stack that included his three primary signature tones. The KH120RH amp head includes dual-gain stages for classic and modern voiced high-gain tones, as well as a clean channel that stays clean even with active guitar pickups. As all of you EMG users will surely know, active pickups on some clean channels can get muddy at high volumes. The included KH412 speaker cabinet is equipped with 4 x 12″ Celestin Rocket 50 speakers for 200W capability, more then enough to handle the 120 watts of power.

The amp is very well balanced and can be pushed to the limits of high gain madness. With the classic channel you can get a mellower classic rock style gain, perfect for classic rock and blues. Having three channels really makes it a whole lot easier to balance out your tone. I played a Strat, Les Paul and an Ibanez S-Series through this amp. I’m pleased to report that these different types of guitars sounded really awesome through this amp. It is very articulate even with factory pickups. When used with EMG pickups you will get the full effect of the high gain setting. A monster tone blasts out when cranked up past 5….although I don’t recommend you do this in-doors! With amps of this wattage, you need to crank the volume to get the full effect of the tone, so be aware that this is not an indoor practice stack.


Preamp Channels:
2 Channels w/3 Modes
Mode 1: Hammett Clean tone
Mode 2: Vintage Hammett high gain
Mode 3: Modern Hammett high gain.
EQ controls: Bass, Middle, Treble, Contour
Master Controls: Volume, Spring Reverb
Power Amp: 120 Watts RMS
Features: Spring Reverb, Series EFX loop
Tape/CD Inputs 2-button foot-switch

4 x 12″ Celestion Rocket 5’s
200W RMS handling
Casters included


All in all, this is a monster amp at a great price. It has everything that you need to become a METAL GOD! All three channels are balanced and bright with a nice crisp tone. Whether you play a Strat or a Les Paul, you will dig the different sound stages you can create with this amp. I was skeptical at first, being that this is a metal guitarists’ signature amp, but after a long session, you really can get more than just a rock sound with this amplifier. I liked it so much, I might pick one up myself. Try one out and see if this amp is the right amp for you. Again I stress, this is a touring or recording amp, not a home practice amp….it’s far too loud to play in-doors!



Pros: Loud crisp tone, 3 Channels, Works well with active pickups, Versatile, Great craftsmanship.

Cons: Low volumes will not benefit the tone.

Price range – $699.99- $800.00

Till next week, thanks or reading and keep on shredding!


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