SMG Review: Hofner CT Club Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar

The Hofner CT Club Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar has that classic style and tone!


The Höfner Company was founded by Karl Höfner in the city of Schönbach, Germany in 1887, and it soon became the largest manufacturer of string instruments in the country. By around 1920, Karl’s sons Josef and Walter joined the company, and began spreading the brand’s reputation throughout the world.


Right from the start, the Hofner CT Club exhibited a warm full tone, with a brightness that made each individual note resonate with precision and grace. The maple wood and spruce top give it a cool and classy look, that’s sure to put you in the spot light. The set maple neck is comfortable to play; you will have no trouble jamming all night long. Two Hofner mini humbucker pickups are slightly hot, even though they are medium output pickups. This is a great guitar for your more mellow Jazz or even Blues stylings, and the Hofner CT Club will fit nicely with Fusion as well. The Panel controls make for a different feel, yet they are very quiet when switching to different configurations.


  • Body Type: Single Cutaway
  • Body Wood: Flamed Maple
  • Top wood: Spruce
  • Scale Length: 25″
  • Neck Joint: Set
  • Neck Wood: Maple
  • Fretboard: Rosewood
  • Neck Shape: C
  • Frets: 22
  • Pickup Bridge: Hofner Mini Humbucker
  • Pickup Neck: Hofner Mini Humbucker


Hofner CT Club is a great lightweight guitar with a bright, crisp tone that will have you creating beautiful chordal progressions and jazzy lines all night. The neck is not fast but it’s still nice and easy to play. The C shaped neck design fits nicely in your hand, which allows for less movement and better grip. The Pickups are mini but produce a loud tone that you might want to roll back on. All is all, the Hofner CT Club Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar provides great tone which works best for Jazz, Fusion and Funk. I played this axe through a VOX and Fender amp. My conclusion was that the Hofner CT Club works well with clean based amplifiers. The Semi Hollow body adds to the resonance and bright tone of the guitar. So if you are looking for a bright, clean and crisp tone…. the Hofner CT Club is the guitar for you. Pick one up for yourself and see, you just might find yourself with a new guitar.

Pros: Clean bright tone, Lightweight, Affordable, Comfortable neck.

Cons: N/A.

Street Price – $350 – $400

Till next week, thanks for reading and keep on shredding!

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